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Alan & Asil

Just wanted to share with you my new favorite color!  These are just a peek from the ONE August wedding I was brave enough to do this year 🙂  It was worth it!  Alan and Asil’s wedding was so beautiful.

It’s all about the blue!

Thanks guys for letting me be a part of your day!  

Watch the slideshow for more:

Alan & Asil


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Stacy & Andrew

I’m a little behind on getting this up here (in fact they just said “I do” this past weekend), but Stacy & Andrew are so stinkin’ cute that I still wanted to share!

There was lots of laughter 🙂

No trespassing…don’t tell.

Stopping traffic…

Such a fun couple! Stay tuned for their wedding!  

Watch the slideshow:

Stacy & Andrew

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Landon – He’s One!

I photographed him when he was in his mama’s belly, then 6 months later, and now he’s 1!  If it’s possible, he’s even cuter than before 🙂  

Here’s Landon…

Here’s where he discovered he could eat dirt…

And here’s where he discovered that Mom & Dad don’t want him to eat dirt…

He eventually forgave them 🙂

It’s so fun getting to watch Landon grow up!

Watch the slideshow:


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Last week I turned 26!  It was an awesome Birthday – many people made me feel so special!  

Just wanted to share the SUPER cute cake one of my high school girls brought me from Tammy Coe Cakes.  Share figuratively, that is…I WISH I could’ve actually shared it with you all 🙂  

If you’ve never had one of her cakes, you should!

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