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Hi everyone!  I have FINALLY updated my blog, now at a new location, so change your booksmarks!   I’ll be posting entires on the new blog on a regular basis, so check back in at the address below!

New Blog:  http://www.pinkertonphoto.com/blog

New Website:  http://www.pinkertonphoto.com

I’m super excited about the change, so go check ’em out!


Sam & Kim

Here are some friends whose wedding day was nothing but fun!  These two fancy themself city folk, so downtown to the the lightrail it was!  

On a side note, I went to high school with Sam way back when – go Eagles! 🙂

Fun day, and so fun to get to see some old friends!

Check out the slideshow:

Sam & Kim

4th of July!

If anyone could make shooting a wedding 7 1/2 months pregnant, on the 4th of July in Phoenix fun for me, it was these two.  With the help of their event designer, Aleasha Shelton of A Day to Cherish, Andrea & Michael put together a day that was chic, unique, and incredible!  

Check it out:

Here is the incredible reception hall that Aleasha & Andrea put together:

And, oh, the food…

So fun to be a part of your day, guys!

Watch the slideshow:

Michael & Andrea

Hope you get tons of yummy food and plenty of time with people you love as we celebrate the birth of our beautiful Savior!

Tara & Travis

Here are some more people I love 🙂  Tara and Travis are some friends whose wedding I cannot WAIT to shoot.  Here’s why…

You wouldn’t even know it was 115 degrees outside! 🙂

Thanks for being so fun & so beautiful 🙂  Love you guys!

Watch the slideshow:

Tara & Travis

Woo Hoo!  Every year, brides on TheKnot.com vote for their favorite local wedding professionals, and this year, we were voted a Best of Weddings winner!  

I can’t really tell you what an honor it is for my brides to have voted for me.  Thank you, thank you sooooo much to all of you – I am so lucky to have been allowed to document the happiest day of your life and I wouldn’t get to keep doing what I love without your help.  

Thank you!

What could be more fun for a Phoenix wedding photographer than to get to shoot a wedding in Cali during the peak of the Phoenix summer heat??  Very little 🙂 Getting to be surrounded by so many people I love was just a really great fringe benefit.

Amy & Danny got married in Newport Beach in June, and it was such a sweet, sweet celebration!  

Here’s a sampling of Amy & her mom’s thoughtful attention to detail in Tiffany blue:

What a BEAUTIFUL day…in every way.  Love you Amy & Danny!  Thanks for giving me a really good reason to get out of the 115 degree heat 🙂

Watch the Slideshow:

Amy & Danny